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About Us


Zibo Zichuan Yaodong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a specializing research, development and production manufacturer of fine chemical products; now, we are mainly engaged in the production and trade of electroplating purposed nickel-plating intermediates, third monomer of acrylic and paint driers, etc.


Main products are: Sodium allylsulfonate (ALS), Sodium allylsulfonate (SAS),  Sodium Methallylsulfonate (MAS), Sodium p-styrenesulfonate(SSS), Sodium polystyrenesulfonate, all kinds of cobalt naphthenate (manganese, lead, zinc, calcium, Iron, rare earth), Cobalt 2-ethylhexanoate (manganese, lead, zinc, calcium, iron, rare earth).

With decades of experiences in chemical production, we are receiving high reputation for advanced technology, leading equipments and strong technical force. At present, our products are well sol din all places of China. With very high product quality, low price and excellent service, we look forward to your cooperation sincerely.